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Harvest's History

Updated: May 3, 2022

On August 21st, 1977

a group of dedicated Christians met together for the purpose of establishing a Bible believing church in the southern Louisville area. On October 26th, 1977 Harvest Baptist Tabernacle was organized as a church, calling Bro. Fred Harmon to be the first pastor. Since that day, that fledgling group of believers has flourished into a spiritually dynamic ministry where thousands of people in 5 different decades have been reached with God’s Gospel message. Today the work continues and Harvest gladly maintains her position as a Bible preaching, evangelistic, missions-minded church.

For over a decade God used Bro. Harmon to lead the church in growth numerically and spiritually. Under Pastor Harmon’s leadership, Harvest was able to purchase property and build the first meetinghouse where the church still worships to this day.

In 1988, Harvest called her second pastor, Bro. Ron Frederic. That same year, Harvest Baptist Tabernacle officially became Harvest Baptist Church. It was during Bro. Frederic’s pastorate, on September 5th, 1990, that a young man was called to Harvest’s pastoral staff named Mark Smith. Bro. Mark and his family have faithfully served God at Harvest ever since.

In October of 1993, Bro. Jack Alumbaugh was called to be the third pastor of Harvest. Under Bro. Jack’s leadership, Harvest was able to expand and improve her facilities and campus. The Family Life Center, tract building and office building were added and the auditorium was enlarged during this time. In July of 1997, Bro. Jack recommended that Dr. Hugh McCollum be placed on staff, to oversee missions and evangelism. The church invited Dr. McCollum and he graciously accepted the call to serve.

On February 6th, 2011, Bro. Sean Kelly accepted the call to become Harvest’s 4th pastor. During that time, Harvest’s missions giving increased dramatically and over 20 new missionaries were added for monthly support. Harvest also paid off her final bonds and is now debt free going into the future. The church campus also continued to be improved and renovated during the time Bro. Sean was pastor, providing God’s people with a beautiful and functional facility to worship and minister.

On July 12, 2015 Bro. Dusty Brian was called as the 5th pastor at Harvest and faithfully served at Harvest until January 2017.

On August 27th 2017 Bro. Jason Aabye accepted the call to Harvest as the 6th pastor. And faithfully served till Nov 7, 2021.

Harvest is currently seeking a new person to fill the Senior Pastor position.

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