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Lord, Please Show Up| Mark 11 | Harvest Baptist Church

Updated: Apr 19

March 2024's Featured Sermon of the Month

Main Topics

In our sermon from March 17th, Pastor Jaime provided profound insights on the dangers of hypocrisy in our Christian walk, urging us to examine the authenticity of our faith and commitment to spiritual growth. Let's delve into these insights:

Fruitless Christians and Hypocrisy: Pastor Jaime drew a parallel between the barren fig tree and Christians who display an outward appearance of godliness but lack true spiritual substance. He emphasized the necessity of genuine spiritual growth and the bearing of godly fruit, rather than merely maintaining a facade of righteousness. The importance of living out and applying Scripture in our daily lives, rather than merely quoting or professing it, was underscored.

Jesus' Observations and Teachings about Cleansing the House of God: The pastor ed Jesus' actions in cleansing the temple, highlighting His zeal for the sanctity of God's house as a place of sincere prayer and worship. He stressed the use of the Word of God as a means for spiritual cleansing and the significance of upholding reverence and holiness in the house of the Lord.

Focus on Salvation, Church Family, and Missionary Work: Pastor Jaime called for introspection on our commitment to sharing the Gospel and the necessity of spiritual purification. He also highlighted the importance of fellowship and missionary endeavors, such as the upcoming Easter egg hunt and Resurrection Sunday events, in strengthening our church family and outreach efforts.

Importance of Spiritual Healing and Cleansing: The sermon underscored the critical need for spiritual cleansing as a prerequisite for God's work in our lives. Pastor Jaime referenced Psalm 51, where David pleads for a clean heart and a renewed spirit, reminding us of the ongoing need for repentance and renewal in our walk with God.

Emphasis on Sharing the Gospel through Personal Interactions: Pastor Jaime encouraged the congregation to actively share the Gospel in our daily interactions, challenging the reluctance to distribute gospel tracts locally while supporting their dissemination globally. He urged us to be bold in our witness and to seize every opportunity to share the hope of Christ with those around us.

In summary, Pastor Jaime's sermon on March 17th calls us to examine the authenticity of our faith, emphasizing the importance of spiritual growth, active evangelism, and maintaining reverence in our worship. As we reflect on these insights, let us strive to be genuine in our walk with Christ, bearing fruit that testifies to His transformative power in our lives.

This message was preached at Harvest Baptist Church on March 17, 2024.

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