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Do They See Jesus in Me?| Acts 4:1-34 | Harvest Baptist Church

February 2024's Featured Sermon of the Month

Main Topics

In our featured sermon from February, Pastor Jaime provided us with profound insights on living a Christ-centered life, urging us to reflect on whether others can see Jesus in our actions and words. Let's explore these insights together:

Compassion as a Reflection of Christ

The sermon emphasized that our compassion towards others should mirror Jesus' compassion. Just as the early Christians sold their possessions to help those in need, we are encouraged to show genuine care for others. This act of kindness is a clear indication of Jesus' influence in our lives.

Boldness in Sharing the Gospel

Pastor Jaime highlighted the importance of boldly preaching the gospel, as demonstrated by Peter and John. Despite facing threats, they continued to spread the word of Jesus. This teaches us to share our faith without fear, understanding that it is our responsibility to proclaim the gospel.

Living a Life that Reflects Christ

The sermon posed a critical question: Do our lives reflect the love, compassion, and grace of Jesus? Just as Peter and John were recognized for their Christ-like attributes, we should strive to ensure that our daily actions and conversations exemplify the character of Jesus.

The Power of Prayer in Ministry

The early church's response to adversity was to pray for boldness and continue their ministry with greater determination. This serves as a reminder for us to rely on prayer and trust in God's power to guide us through challenges as we fulfill our mission to spread the gospel.

Belief in the Healing Power of God

The sermon reaffirmed our belief in the healing power of Jesus Christ, both physically and spiritually. It called for a renewed confidence in God's ability to perform miracles and urged us to boldly proclaim the message of Christ's resurrection and salvation.

In summary, Pastor Jaime's sermon, "Do They See Jesus in Me?", challenges us to examine whether our lives truly reflect the character of Christ. As we contemplate these insights, let us strive to be a living testament to Jesus' grace and power, sharing His message of love and salvation with the world.

This message was preached at Harvest Baptist Church on February 25, 2024.

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