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The Mystery and Miracle of the Manger | Luke 2 | Harvest Baptist Church

Updated: Apr 19

December 2023's Featured Sermon of the Month

Main Topics

An Unscripted Conclusion

The shepherds decided to seek out Jesus in Bethlehem after hearing about his birth from angels. They found Jesus and returned glorifying and praising God for what they had heard and seen, demonstrating an unscripted conclusion to their journey. It's important to seek Christ even outside church premises! Personal moments with God can provide wisdom and strength.

An Unconventional Message

The shepherds received an unconventional message from the Angel of the Lord, bringing good tidings of great joy about the birth of a Savior. Despite being handpicked as an unlikely audience, some people were skeptical and wondered at the message told by the shepherds. This emphasizes that it's crucial to respond to the Holy Spirit's prompting without delay.

An Unprecedented Location

The birth of Jesus in Bethlehem was an unprecedented location for a king to be born. The circumstances, with Jesus being laid in a manger due to lack of space, highlight the unexpected nature of his birth. This emphasizes the ongoing choice people have to make room for Christ in their lives.

An Unlikely Audience

The shepherds being chosen as messengers reflects an unlikely audience for such important news. It serves as a reminder that the gospel is meant for all people, regardless of social status or occupation. This also resonates with pastors' roles as under shepherds and their responsibility to share good tidings.

At An Unexpected Timing

The shepherds receiving the news at night underscores the unexpected timing chosen by God. It highlights that there is no better time to hear the gospel message than when God decides it's time. This aligns with Isaiah 9:6, emphasizing that Jesus' arrival was perfectly timed as a gift from God.

This message was preached at Harvest Baptist Church on December 24, 2023

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